About the Platform

Seeking to optimise its relations with trading partners and ensure transparency in its purchases, Grupa Azoty, one of Europe’s key fertilizer and chemical groups, has launched a digital platform developed by Logintrade S.A. to support its procurement processes

Platforma Zakupowa.GrupaAzoty.com is a unique, state-of-the-art internet-based solution designed to facilitate communications between the buyer and sellers.

Logintrade’s solution is dedicated to Grupa Azoty, having been tailored to meet the high standards and expectations of all its companies and suppliers.

The platform helps save time, maximise the business potential of its users and facilitate communications, while enabling the promotion of their own products and brands, to ultimately drive the growth of the supplier network.

The main benefit for suppliers comes from the enhanced business communications with Grupa Azoty. Additionally, the platform is a channel through which they can promote their products and brands.

The application is targeted at our existing suppliers, as well as companies looking to forge closer business ties with Grupa Azoty. The suite of available e-procurement tools can improve the efficiency and transparency in the supplier-buyer relations.

Grupa Azoty’s suppliers registered in the database will receive requests for proposals, which may eventually bring them tangible business benefits, and are guaranteed transparency of the decision-making processes and criteria applied by the buyers. By actively using the platform, you will be able to monitor the processes and participate in all open contract award procedures carried out by Grupa Azoty.

The advantages offered by the solution make it increasingly popular with Poland’s leading businesses.

For further practical details, please contact the Grupa Azoty procurement coordinators with whom you have worked so far.

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